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Dr. Barringer
Biographical Information
Affiliation(s) Barringer Clinic and Foundation
Portrayer(s) Peter Masterson

Dr. Barringer is a character appearing in The Exorcist. He is the head of Barringer Clinic and Foundation where Regan MacNeil was brought for medical treatment but the entire medical association including Barringer, failed to recover or treat Regan. However, Barringer then suggested Chris MacNeil to approach for religious help and is somewhat convinced that Regan is indeed possessed and can't be recovered with the help of biological medication. His quote served as an explanation of exorcism with respect to neutrality and importance of the ritual;

There is one outside chance for a cure. I think of it as shock treatment - as I said, it's a very outside chance...Have you ever heard of exorcism? Well, it's a stylized ritual in which the rabbi or the priest try to drive out the so-called invading spirit. It's been pretty much discarded these days except by the Catholics who keep it in the closet as a sort of an embarrassment, but uh, it has worked. In fact, although not for the reasons they think, of course. It's purely a force of suggestion. The victim's belief in possession is what helped cause it, so in that same way, a belief in the power of exorcism can make it disappear.

–Dr. Barringer

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