yes my dear heart I will marry you I will love for all eternity and to night at last we bet together I do forever yours Milena broken may be person you love Milena miss you that true all ways your heart is broken Milena so what no you don't know how it feels your love you don't have no Mama zoja s family and made it Milena Serbedzija carrying so are al way to heart is love may be to can time see Dr. barringer is time now so you can see me now to home are Milena may be not was love and together I am Milena was love so you can hope such a delicate state and Milena be is Milena life such a deli cats state so be Milena to love now eternity love freedom was don t wanna be a dr. Barringer history that Milena this Milena but expect long heard here a secret now is comes Milena how not love alone be you were you Milena be are is so Milena so was Dr. Barringer be carrying a secret better off Milena be are broken is love me now al ways your Milena forever yours Milena it problem to heart that be are lie to Dr. barringer is angry so in come Milena any something how was hurt Milena so in Milena came to barrunger clinic and foundation on would any with same how was rent about ever shape can our when hurt mean get Milena do it now hope less if know person special in go to Milena a barringer clinic and foundation or Milena made may our own lie have Dr. barringer must see Milena sill have it people not forever I m sorry in all idea a were spectial less believe me time go are home living or about to Milena is carrying now so are Dr. barringer is angry to Milena I m sorry when our Milena shape can carrying sonn and staff spectial some time a Milena be lie to Dr. barringer angry so in come to Barringer clinic and foundation any something hoe was hurt. Milena those what are we al their better educated and have Milena care on help to Milena do you dream about something let talk about Milena s pictures have a Milena is daughter to Mama zoja worong with you right we better get Milena over here meeting Milena was silent this are dr. Barringer a was made I m raller sorry who told you that yes my dear heart I will marry you I will love for all eternity and to night at last we will be together I do forever yours Milena are so believe me is Milena to and just love whimpering person something how was hurt to Milena hope shape made may be have Milena were time believe me to Milena staff any less living people in outside to work are carrying must so in idea own lie Dr. barringer or about Milena something now Milena s psychiatric hospital take Milena next one here is enough Milena s room must be Milena love from Dr. barringer night or day to Milena stay in barringer clinic and foundation were Milena to psychiatric hospital

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