Archaeological dig in Al-Hadar

Al-Hadar is a village and the center of Al-Hadar district in Ninawa Governorate (also known as Nineveh) in Iraq. In The Exorcist it is where Lankester Merrin finds an amulet which resembles a statue of Pazuzu.

Known Places Edit

Archaeological Dig Edit

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Father Lankester Merrin was also present at the dig despite his fragile and growing age. He seemed to weaken in the site and wanted to secure his faith with his life at stake. Things were uncovered when Father Merrin discovered an amulet, depicting the statue of the ancient demon Pazuzu. In order to show he is ready to face his enemy, before he leaves for the US, he visits a larger statue of the demon and confronts it, already feeling the demon's evil influence in two nearby dogs fighting each other. Father Merrin got a grip on his faith and was eventually asked to return by the Church. 

Streets of Al-Hadar Edit


Post discovering the amulet, Father Merrin was left in a temporary traumatize state and the scenes around the streets seemed to be peculiar and demonic but was in fact the affect left by Ancient Demon, Pazuzu. One of the scenes included a local wagon transport rushing across the street with Father Merrin almost bumping in it and is also seen wandering the streets in fear and anxiety.


The Restaurant Edit

Father Merrin also visits a restaurant and asks for a cup of local refreshment, however, Father Merrin's frail state, left many on lookers gazing at him with fear and peculiarity.

The HeadquartersEdit


The headquarters was developed for archaeological research, researchers are also seen writing about his discoveries during the dig. The diggers also get their messages and letters from the headquarters.